Tips On Maintaining Your Equipment


Your equipment is a crucial and often expensive part of your business. Such an important investment must be maintained and cared for to protect both your employees safety, and your profits from taking a hit with unforseen repair bills.


The simplest way to maintain equipment throughout it’s life is with regular, thorough cleaning. Usually, instructions for proper cleaning are included by the manufacturer, along with recommended cleaning chemicals, techniques, tools, and also a schedule suggesting how frequently to carry out these practices. Regardless of whether or not you believe a machine requires regular cleaning, it’s good practice when considering health codes, and the chance you could identify a minor malfunction or a fault could save you big money down the road.

Properly train your employees on the cleaning and simple maintenence of your equipment. It’s a good idea to keep a basic guide for them to refer to if they need clarification. It’s better for them to clean with confidence rather than to leave it for someone else more experienced to do, and potentially forgetting to clean it at all. Dont forget to also have a chart with which employees can sign off on so you know who was accountable for what maintenance occurred.


Ensure you schedule regular maintenance appointments for all of your equipment. Whilst it may seem OK skip out on maintenance of certain machines once in a while to save costs, the cost of potential injury or a breakdown in the machine makes it simply not worth it. Your manufacturers guide will advise you on how frequently you should maintain the equipment, and sometimes even provide the contact details of official maintenance services in your area. Regular maintenence may include topping up lubricants and fluids, replacing small seals and screws, or replacing electronic parts.


Ensure you find and properly fill out the manufacturers warranty card for your new equipment. Ususally, you have a month to prepare and send this out which isn’t much time at all, so make sure you take care of the warranty ASAP!

There’s many benefit’s to thoroughly knowing your warranty, such as taking advantage of free parts and labor. It’s also very important to educate your employees on the proper use of the equipment, failure to do so could result in the warranty becoming void and leaving you liable for any major issues that arrive in the future.


Servicing and repairs are not something yourself or your employees should undertake unless professionally trained. It may void the warranty or even result in damage or personal injury. Whilst servicing is usually done by a schedule there are some indicators to look for that may necessitate a service sooner than scheduled. An occurance of any of the following should be treated as important:

-Vibrations and sounds that are out of the ordinary

-Signs of wear on seals and moving parts

-Unusually high operating temperatures or strange smells

-Warping or discolouration on surfaces

Following these simple steps can greatly extend the life of your businesses’ equipment, as well as preventing unseen costs or even injury of employees or customers. Decent care also greatly increases the ROI (Return Of Investment) if you decide to sell them in the future. Keeping all maintenence logged in a book as proof is a very good idea as the manufacturer or potential buyers will check these when inspecting the equipment.