Choosing the Right Shopfitter

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Choosing the right shopfitter can be a daunting task. You’ve set yourself a budget, researched your target customers, and have a design brief ready to go. But choosing the right company to carry out your plans takes alot of time and research, and choosing the wrong one can end in disaster!


Before you begin

You should already be completely aware of what your target audience is and what their shopping habbits are. It’s important to set the mood and ambience of the business in a way that make the customer comfortable and maximises their time spent with your business, while also competing against other stores to catch the customers attention first. A winning storefront strongly portrays professionalism, convenience and 100% satisfaction for the customer!


Researching a Fitter

With your vision in mind its time to search for your perfect shopfitter. The local business directory is a good start for finding local companies, but the best way to get a feel for your shopfitting service is to browse their website. They should clearly list their services and their specialities, and where they source their materials from. But perhaps the most important indicator of a quality retail shopfitter is a big portfolio of previous projects.

Not only should there be photos of both the interior and exterior design, there should be ample written content describing the design problems at hand and how they went above and beyond to solve them and boost their clients business.

In fact it’s likely you’ll recognise some of the local busineses they’ve helped in your area, and if possible you should visit the business yourself. There’s nothing better than visiting the actual location and witnessing first-hand the quality of the build.

Keep an eye out for attention to detail. A good shopfront will instantly tell you what kind of service or products they provide in a professional and clear-cut manner.


Client Feedback

While you’re still at the business, ask to see the manager, perhaps they can give you the contact details of the owner so that you can get a firsthand account of the success of their project. Was the shopfitting service professional and did they stick to their budget? Did they provide any extra value for free, like advice or extra communication?

If possible, you should also talk to the centre management and get their opinions too. You want a shopfitter that respects the other businesses around them and behaves in a 100% professional manner.


Getting in Contact

Now that you have a good understanding of your projects needs, your budget, and your top list of shopfitters, it’s time to get in contact with them and have a chat about your project. How professional do they sound over phone and email? do they answer in a timely manner and have plenty of experience?

Give them your brief and budget and see what they make of it. A professional shopfitter with typically give you an obligation-free quote to work with, but you should collect more quotes from other services to get an idea of a normal price.


From there you will have collected enough information to make a thoroughly informed choice. This is the best way to maximise you businesses profits and gain complete satisfaction for both you and your customers.