Take a look at a small sample of our fit-out projects that we have recently completed for some of our clients!

Birds Nest Yakitori Restaurant

irds Nest – Bringing the Yakitori concept from it’s native country of Japan to Australia for the very first time, the Bird’s Nest Restaurant has created a modern and vibrant setting in which to welcome local diners and introduce them to the authentic Yakitori experience.

The Birds Nest was designed by a Japanese designer, and it was our first exciting experience with producing the Fit Out for an authentic Yakitori Restaurant. It is a very clean, sleek design that also had many challenges to do with the restaurant’s space. The restaurant has seating for 50 people including a large group dining table and exclusive counter dining where you can watch the chef’s at work. As you can see, the entire Fit Out turned out to be a beautiful finish and we at S & S Shopfitting Concept are very proud of our work.

Bird’s Nest Yakitori & Bar was recently the grand prize winner of the popular TV series “The Hot Plate” where the fit out was dubbed to be the best on the show over 5 different states and 6 unique restaurants. Over the course of the show, we at S & S Shopfitting Concepts were asked back to the Birds Nest Restaurant to add an additional outdoor dining component to the restaurant that tied in with the current interior fit-out and that brightened and opened up the entire front of the restaurant.

We at S & S Shopfitting Concepts had great pleasure in conducting the fit-out for this amazing Japanese Yakitori restaurant and sincerely congratulate the owners, Emi and Marie, on their recent success with the Tv show ‘The Hotplate’, and wish them the best of luck for all of their endeavours. We look forward to hopefully working with Emi and Marie and additional Bird’s Nest’s restaurants in the future.

Aquitaine Brasserie

quitaine – Inspired by the beauty of South West France, Aquitaine Brasserie is a contemporary river side restaurant and bar situated within the fine dining precinct of River Quay, South Bank in Queensland. This French restaurant brings together an adventurous journey from the rustic French farm houses, all the way up to the beautiful Avenue des Champs-Élysées.

Taking place in a captivating water front restaurant and bar setting, this fit out project was required to present as an accessible high end and elegant dining restaurant and bar. The team at S & S Shopfitting Concepts delivered a stylish, delicate and decorous design to this fit-out, including features such as but not limited to, large sophisticated chairs and classic french contemporary lighting that brings the whole fit out to a new level of class.

The beauty and grace that gravitates off the fittings and joinery installed in this establishment really just speaks for themselves. We at S & S Shopfitting concepts feel that the overall result from this fit out of the restaurant enveloped perfectly the owners ‘French inspired’ vision and designs.

It was a absolute pleasure to work with the owners of Aquitaine to help their vision come to life and we at S & S Shopfitting Concepts wish them the best of luck with their future endeavours. We hope to be working with the owners again if they choose to expand their vision to additional restaurants, where ever they may be situated.

Beijing Palace Chinese

Beijing Palace, located within the very large shopping centre, Robina Town Centre on the Gold Coast, is an Asian inspired restaurant and bar that solely focuses on Chinese style inspired dishes. You and your dining party will be treated to a whole stack of traditional dishes, featuring Sizzling Mongolian Lamb, Salt & Pepper Squid, Honey Tiger Prawns and so much more. There’s also a great selection of rice and noodle dishes plus a yummy dessert menu to boot. Whether you’re visiting with friends, family or loved ones, there’s a table to suit your dining needs at Beijing Palace

With beautiful and extravagant views that can be seen from the restaurants lovely deck that overlooks the river, Beijing Palace’s fit-out encompasses and reflects elegance and tranquility. Black and white table-clothed furniture, with the addition of a modernly shaped ceiling structure and joinery, really draws the eye to the gorgeousness of the restaurant. This elegance is highlighted with the use of bright, white contemporary lighting that is situated all the way through the restaurant and bar, as well as the use of natural light cascading in through the open plan outdoor seating area on the balcony.

When the sun goes down and the moon comes out, the natural bright lighting is replaced with a starry and mystique look, brought upon by the arrangement of bright fairy lights that outline the joinery. In addition to the fairy lights, the warmth of a fire heater and elegant ceiling lighting bring and extra elegant touch to the the restaurant and bar.

The team at S & S Shopfitting Concepts had a wonderful time producing this elegant and stunning fit-out for the Beijing Palace Chinese Restaurant and Bar and we sincerely wish them the very best of luck in all of their future endeavours.

Hombre Mexican Street Food

Hombre Mexican Street Food are the latest in fast casual dining combining Mexican street food, art and music, the Hombre way. Their Fresh Mexican and American Street Food offers an experience like no other and will keep you coming back for more. This franchise is leading the way in urban design and Mexican street style experience. Hombre Mexican Street Food combines traditional Mexican foods such as burritos, tacos, nachos, enchiladas, ensaladas and quesadillas, with tex burgers, American street style hot dogs, and loaded fries that will tantalise anyone’s taste buds.

The fit-out design planned for this renovation project had to have had a rustic, yet vibrant Mexican feel to it. This was achieved with the accompaniment of key components including but not limited to style, layout, colour and a few extra special touches in its authentic design. The use of these key components aids in the travel experience and helps to make you feel like you have just traveled to a real Mexican street food market.

Some unique features included in this fit out design are, but not limited to quirky tin can lighting that can be found hanging in front of a lively wallpapered character, in addition to corrugated iron cladding, chain fencing on the walls and colourful mismatched seating. All of these additions really gives the authentic Mexican feel to this restaurant/take away franchise.

It was an absolute pleasure to construct the fit-out for the Hombre Mexican Street Food store at Mango Hill and we sincerely wish the owners the best of luck in their future endeavours with this company and hope to work with more Hombre franchises in the future!

King Of Cakes German Cake Shop

King of Cakes – Using authentic German and Bavarian recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation and his own secret blend of spices, the aromas and tastes of Wolfgang’s (King of Cake) treats will invigorate your soul.

Cakes are their passion, from the famous Black Forest Torte with layers of chocolate sponge, kirsch flavoured cream chocolate mousse and sour cherries to the Pischinger Torte, where the lightest of chocolate sponge is layered between a smooth hazelnut buttercream and hazelnut meringue. With a texture that’s soft yet slightly crunchy, a hint of Baileys liqueur and a covering of a light chocolate glaze, it’s easy to see why this is a fan favourite.

This German inspired bakery’s fit-out design is all about a splash of bright colours and practicality. The shelves in this bakery are well located and highly visible, so as to gain the most views from potential customers, and are closely situated with the glass cabinetry to showcase the wonderful products King of Cakes has to offer. The shop also had to encompass Wolfgang’s vision of a German inspired bakery and a small setting. A stylised approach was taken, with the use of contemporary features and white space to give the bakery more light within the purchasing area and to make the shopfront look bigger and more spread out.

We at S & S Shopfitting Concepts would like to sincerely thank the owners of King of Cakes German Bakery for choosing us as their shopfitters for the Clayfield store, and we look forward to hopefully working with you again in the creation of more ‘King of Cakes’ stores all around Brisbane or where ever they may be located. We would also like to wish the owners the very best of luck for your future endeavours.

Malt Dining Restaurant and Bar

Malt Dining offers the rare beauty of fine dining with a homely feel. Think modern Australian cuisine that is created with the finesse of a formal dining venue but also the heart of a compassionate team of chefs.

The restaurant and bar is separated into 3 different sections; the attic, the bar, and the cellar. Up the timber staircase, The Attic is a hidden treasure exuding charm in every way. Our luxurious sunken dining room overlooks the city streets as Brisbane’s best kept secret. The Attic has a soaring ceiling and an entire wall of windows to let natural light flood the dining area.

As you step inside Wenley House, Malt Bar awaits you, on the ground level, framed by timber arches and a glowing wall of whiskies and spirits.The original timber floorboards look up to a bar top which boasts ten metres of beautiful solid Tasmanian oak. Exposed timber trusses line the ceiling and local contemporary artwork hangs from the walls. The Malt Bar is a contrast of old and new which sets a distinguished backdrop for afternoon drinks or work lunches. The space is framed by original 19th century red brick and timber. The Attic’s exposed bricks and beams, and original reinforced archways, create ambience for every diner.

Downstairs, The Cellar is a romantic and charming below-ground space for an intimate setting. Walls of vintage wine and champagne surround an impressive timber table stretching the entire length of the room. A beautiful candlelit setting awaits diners as they step into this cosy space.The Cellar is a truly elegant place for small cherished wedding dinners, rehearsal dinners or pre-wedding drinks for the groom and his entourage.This intimate space is perfect for a family dinner, intimate corporate celebration, or wine degustation meal. Audio-visual equipment is available on request, making it a perfect venue for exclusive corporate presentations during the week.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with the team from Malt Dining. We at S & S Shopfitting Concepts, would like to give our very best of luck to the owners Malt Dining in the pursuit of their dream and very best wishes in your future endeavours.

Nandos Australia Franchises

Nandos is an Australian, New Zealand and Fijian wide restaurant that serves legendary chicken, burgers, pitas, wraps and more, the most famous of which being their Peri Peri chicken.

Each one of the Nandos restaurants has its own special design, but they all have earthy textures and colours that remind us of the sunny Afro-Portuguese roots. Many of the Nandos Franchises throughout Australia also feature original South African art and unique design touches to their store. Cool Afro-Luso beats and friendly service add to the chilled vibe, and then there’s the piece-de- resistance – their flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken that’s served on beautiful crockery.

We took this into account when Nandos approached us to fit-out their Calamvale restaurant. This exciting and colourful fit out produced by us at S & S Shopfitting Concepts is all full of subtle surprise’s, including but not limited to curved bench seating, a wonderful Aztec counter front, fantastic wall paper design and edgy lighting to top it all off.

Since completing this Calamvale store’s fit out and exceeding expectations, Nando’s has ask us back multiple times to be the main shopfitter for their ever expanding franchise. The most recent store to be renovated by us at S & S Shopfitting Concepts is the Nandos Kelvin Grove restaurant.

This, and every fit-out project that we have completed for Nandos Australisa were a pleasure to work on, and we at S & S Shopfitting Concepts aspire to work with Nando’s once more to assist in expanding their ever growing brand. We would like to wish the team at Nandos our sincerely very best of wishes in their future endeavours, and we would like to also say that it was a pleasure to work with yourself and your company.

Stellarossa Espresso Bars

Stellarossa Espresso Bars – The Stellarossa brand was born out of a passion for coffee and service excellence. These Espresso Bars are based on one mission: – to provide coffee drinkers with a premium quality coffee experience, each and every time they visit. All Stellarossa sites are set up to provide a warm, modern slant to the traditional Espresso Bar. Most sites have a variety of dining areas which includes indoors tables, benches, lounges and outdoor dining.

This upbeat, modern cafe’s fit-out design has a shopfront that completely opens up onto a fantastic wooden deck area. It features banqueted seats and crafted table tops within that look out to the hand crafted big red star on the decking.

The design of Stellarossa Mango Hill utilises a diverse range of materials, textures and furniture features that create a modern, Italian look and feel. In producing the espresso bar’s features, the S & S Shopfitting Concepts team showed exemplary skills and craftsmanship is assisting in delivering the traditional Italian craftsmanship the client required whilst still maintaining an edgy, modern feel that we see in modern life.

We at S & S Shopfitting Concepts absolutely loved and enjoyed constructing this fit out for the Stellarossa contemporary Espresso Bar and would like to wish the owners the best of wishes in their future endeavours. We hope to be contacted by Stellarossa again as the go-to shopfitters for their ever expanding coffee franchise.

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yoghurt

Tutti Frutti is a fun and interactive self-serve Fro-yo bar where customers have the freedom to create their own sweet treat! By combining our many flavours and expansive selection of toppings, customers will be designing a taste that is unique and delicious in every cup. Currently with over 80 flavours, Tutti Frutti continues its innovation by constantly creating new and unique flavour.

Various owners of this self serve frozen yoghurt bar franchise have approached us at S & S Shopfitting Concepts numerous times to construct their fit-out kiosk projects for a variety of their stores throughout Australia and we happily oblige every time.

Each fit out in these stores/kiosks uses yellow ply wall cladding and narrative picture illustrations that were custom-designed for the frozen yoghurt chain, ensuring the brand is both evolving on trend and instantly recognisable. The bright panelling, emotive graphics and trademark coloured fluoro lights combine to make fun, eye-catching kiosks and stores that are sure to be a great success before anyone even tries the yoghurt! The fit out design of these kiosks are made so that you will not be able to not notice them as you walk by with your shopping.

The franchise designers love yellow and multi colours, making sure their stores are always bustling with happy and summer-loving energies so we made sure to incorporate this into the fit out construction. The entire kiosks are fully constructed onsite by our team of tradesman and contractors and then proceeded to be transported by our S & S truck to their new destination in the shopping centre.

We at S & S Shopfitting Concepts have built many of these Tutti Frutti kiosks throughout Australia and look forward to hopefully working once again with the Tutti Frutti Franchise throughout Australia. We loved working with the Tutti Frutti team and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours.

Motto Motto Japanese Kitchen

Motto Motto, meaning ‘more, more’ is a new Japanese casual dining experience blending traditional tastes and innovative spaces at Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast. It’s also the latest offering from the people behind Sono Restaurant. Motto Motto is all about choice. Your favourite dishes and combinations, your way. They take the best fresh, local ingredients and serve up traditional Japanese cuisine- in a unique way. It is Bento boxes but not as you know it.

This Japanese inspired restaurant fit-out project included many wonderful design elements that are extremely bright and eye-catching, illustrated through its simplistic approach. Much like its Japanese cuisine, every detail of the fit out has been carefully considered. Origami patterns carry through from the menus to the upholstery, and even the restaurant’s facade juts out like the folds of the Japanese paper craft. The use of a specific green colour gives an edge to the restaurant’s branding in the sense that that colour now becomes specific to them and instantly recognisable.

The shopfront was the key element which tied the concept. From the outside, the fractured shapes of the shopfront structure are reflective of an unfolded origami form, promoting ideas of intrigue and discovery. Once inside the restaurant, the shopfront provides a calm, soothing atmosphere also typical of traditional Japanese dining interiors – but not typical of a shopping centre environment.

We at S & S Shopfitting Concepts have risen to the occasion and brought a stunning design to life, riddled with wonderful Japanese inspired textures and lines within its creative and unique design. We sincerely wish the owners of Motto Motto the very best of luck in their future endeavours, it was a pleasure to work with yourself and your vision. We look forward to hopefully working with the Motto Motto team again in producing the fit out for future stores around Australia.

Thai Wirat Asian Restaurant

Thai Wirat is a restaurant located in the Fortitude Valley China Town, that offers authentic Thai and Asian style dishes.

With its Thai inspired interior, this restaurant really pops with exciting colours and a bona fide feel. A additional touch of simple elegance tops the cake of this restaurant with the added value of excellent craftsmanship delivered by our qualified tradesman and sub-contractors.

It was a pleasure for us at S&S Shopfitting Concepts to work with the owners of Thai Wirat and we wish them the very best of luck with their future endeavours.

Zambreros Mexican Restaurant

Zambrero is Mexican with a mission:
A healthy quick-service restaurant franchise and humanitarian enterprise committed to tackling world hunger through its Plate 4 Plate program.

We here at S & S Shopfitting Concepts, have had the pleasure of building for multiple Zambrero’s all over Australia, all with fantastic results. They have had a variety of unique finishes within their individual kiosk/shops that of which we have always perfected.

Some of the Zambrero restaurants that we have completed include, but are not limited to, Ashmore, Nerang, Toowong, Mater, Toowoomba, Bundamba, Heathwood, Northlakes, Tugan, Boondall, and Garden City.

Look out for more upcoming Zambrero’s stores fitted by S & S Shopfitting Concepts soon.

The Loose Moose Tap & Grillhouse

Transporting diners back to a time when alcohol was banned, The Loose Moose Tap & Grill House is the latest from Patrick Gennari and offers a taste of ‘Dirty Food Made Clean’ from the continent of North America.

It’s the little details that we at S & S Shopfitting Concepts decided to focus on for this fit-out, as they make all the difference for the aesthetics. Walls adorned with copper pipe lighting, vintage photos, dark leather banquette booths, brick walls, custom-made steam punk wall art and clocks, candles stuffed into discarded ammunition shells and rusty steel drum down lights overhead are just a few of the details put into this fit out design. However, don’t forget the real star of the show, the giant taxidermy trophy moose head located behind the bar.
With the addition of adjustable chairs and tables, and a cabinet filled with year old whisky, the fit out for The Loose Moose is really quite, in a sense, awesome.

The Cleaver

“The Cleaver” butcher shop is located in Noosa

Cowch Dessert Cocktail Bar

Cowch Dessert Cocktail Bar

Icon Bar