Motto Motto Japanese Kitchen

Motto Motto, meaning ‘more, more’ is a new Japanese casual dining experience blending traditional tastes and innovative spaces at Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast. It’s also the latest offering from the people behind Sono Restaurant.  Motto Motto is all about choice. Your favourite dishes and combinations, your way. They take the best fresh, local ingredients and serve up traditional Japanese cuisine- in a unique way. It is Bento boxes but not as you know it.

This Japanese inspired restaurant fit-out project included many wonderful design elements that are extremely bright and eye-catching, illustrated through its simplistic approach. Much like its Japanese cuisine, every detail of the fit out has been carefully considered. Origami patterns carry through from the menus to the upholstery, and even the restaurant’s facade juts out like the folds of the Japanese paper craft. The use of a specific green colour gives an edge to the restaurant’s branding in the sense that that colour now becomes specific to them and instantly recognisable.

The shopfront was the key element which tied the concept. From the outside, the fractured shapes of the shopfront structure are reflective of an unfolded origami form, promoting ideas of intrigue and discovery. Once inside the restaurant, the shopfront provides a calm, soothing atmosphere also typical of traditional Japanese dining interiors – but not typical of a shopping centre environment.

We at S & S Shopfitting Concepts have risen to the occasion and brought a stunning design to life, riddled with wonderful Japanese inspired textures and lines within its creative and unique design. We sincerely wish the owners of Motto Motto the very best of luck in their future endeavours, it was a pleasure to work with yourself and your vision. We look forward to hopefully working with the Motto Motto team again in producing the fit out for future stores around Australia.

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