Easy Way Tea Indulgence


Eddie Chen, Queensland Regional Manager
“S & S Shopfitting Concepts have done two projects for us now.

Both of these have been completed on time, and on budget. Easy Tea has over 700 stores worldwide, and believe me, achieving a quality fitout within a strict timeframe is no small feat in itself!

The most recent project S&S did for us was a shop refit at the Australia Fair Shopping Centre. This involved demolishing walls, re-cladding, and then rebuilding all the counters walls as well. We needed to blend in everything that was new in with the old – all in a completely seamless way.

Sean’s team followed our plan to the letter to achieve the exact look we wanted – it looked great!

The franchisee was totally wrapped.

This was also one of our quicker fit-outs, compared to other stores we’ve done. Kudos to Sean and all his team for everything they did to make this such a success.”